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what is ELITE CMS ?

Is an enterprise Web Content Management System and Customer Experience Management System that provides a complete set of features for building websites, intranets, community on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform on premise or in the cloud. It supports mobile websites, SEO, document management, Publishing, multilingual websites and translation management and it ships with 30 modules.

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what is PDF CMS ?

A system specifically targeting Publishing Houses such as Newspapers and Magazines where the electronic version of the newspaper/magazine can be installed on the system by uploading the full PDF file that contains all pages and then the system handles it and extracts the file pages as images so that the user can browse the newspaper/magazine in a very easy and comfortable way and very quickly.

The program adds a lot of dynamic and interactivity to the electronic version of the newspaper or magazine and thus dramatically increases the number of online readers.

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The Education Portal is a system dedicated to the ministerial education departments to provide services, support and technical solutions to ensure proper work flow among departments, sections, and schools. The system includes various sub-system such as the School Supplies Management, IT Equipment, Technical Support and Website for education departments, sections and schools

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The notification center includes a manual SMS module which intends to create an interface for user through which he gets the ability to send manual sms’s, schedule SMS’s, manage distribution list , create reports and upload new contacts to the existing distribution list. The administrator role will have an ability to manage all the above mentioned features along with managing users through user management section. In addition to the manual sms interface, notification center can integrate with other application to use the notification web service to send automatic notification email/sms’s.

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