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what is PDF CMS ?

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A system specifically targeting Publishing Houses such as Newspapers and Magazines where the electronic version of the newspaper/magazine can be installed on the system by uploading the full PDF file that contains all pages and then the system handles it and extracts the file pages as images so that the user can browse the newspaper/magazine in a very easy and comfortable way and very quickly.

The program adds a lot of dynamic and interactivity to the electronic version of the newspaper or magazine and thus dramatically increases the number of online readers.

products Features

  • Arabic Interface and easy to use lists.

  • Add indexing of the PDF file content, which facilitates the user to navigate between pages of the newspaper or magazine in a very easy way.

  • The possibility of identifying and selecting a clip/piece from within the content of a PDF page such as (a story, article, etc.), and allowing the addition of other materials associated with the selected clip/piece, making it more interactive to read the newspaper or magazine. The following can be done with the selected clip:-

  • Add title and content for the selected clip.

  • Possibility to select any images from inside the PDF content associated with the specified clip.

  • Add video clips to the clip/piece.

  • Add a photo album to the clip/piece.

  • Possibility to link the selected sections/clips to previous topics in previous editions, through using the keyword attribute associated with each specific section.

  • Possibility to put a feature recommended for the specific issue, which helps users read the topics recommended reading this issue of the newspaper or magazine.

  • Possibility of adding geographic place of the clip/piece by linking it to the Google Map.

  • In case the selected piece/clips has a further reading in other pages, there is a possibility of linking the selected piece/clip to the further reading page, where it is easy for the reader to click on the original article or news (selected piece) to transfer him/her directly to the further reading page.

  • Enable the publication of the selected clips on social media platforms and send it via e-mail.

  • Allow visitors to comment on selected paragraphs/sections/clips.

  • Add a rating by visitors to the selected paragraph/clip.

  • Possibility to identify/select/attach/link more than piece/clip related to a selected master piece/clip whether it is a picture or text from all pages of the same edition.

  • The possibility of replacing any adv. within the PDF file with an animated adv., allowing the newspaper to make ads more attractive and interactive for readers.

  • PDF pages are extracted as images where the PDF file is uploaded through the control panel and then drag all the PDF pages in the form of images and stored on the host server of the system, which makes browsing by users faster by reviewing the pages of the issue of the newspaper or the magazine.

  • The possibility to enlarge the image to several sizes (where sizes vary from the device to another device according to the resolution of the user's device).

  • The possibility of browsing newspaper or Magazine on two pages or one page view.

  • Ability to select by mouse any part of the page and then the specified portion of the page is enlarged automatically.

  • Ability to print the page and specify the size that the user wants to print the page. Also, there is a possibility to select a part of the page to print and specify the print size.

  • The possibility of downloading the page in the form of a picture or a PDF file with the ability to define size of the downloaded page.

  • Ability to display all the thumbnails of the page so that the user opens a new window showing all the pages in the form of thumbnails in order to determine the page that he wants to review.

  • Search within topics that have been identified by their own clips/piece of each number which makes it easier for users to search for all magazine editions.

  • Review the most sent topics.

  • Review the most readable topics.

  • Review the most commented topics.

  • Album of the current edition: A summary of all the images within the newspaper / magazine for each edition.

  • The possibility of using the calendar to review newspapers and magazines associated with a specific date.

  • The system provides an RSS feed for articles added to all editions.

  • The system provides a special page for search engine such as Google, yahoo and other search engines. When the site is visited by the search engines, the search engines are transferred to a special page to review the last 100 articles added to the system, by search engines.