Our rational and result oriented methodology based on Agile practices enables our talented team to define and build solutions that satisfies the actual business requirements.

we deliver where others fail and we are achievers who are always looking for the right way to do things.

Adopting agile methods and best practices ( like Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, etc ) we provide successful high-quality solutions that add business value and comply with industry standards.

Our SOftware Development Service Includes

  • Adopt, Improve and build software development processes and practices.

  • Define, select and set development procedure and environment.

  • Recognize risks early and reduce or mitigate them.

Application Integration

Our Enterprise Application Integration service helps customers to efficiently integrate silos applications, data sources, processes, and services in respond to emerging business requirements or strategic needs.

Our Application Integration Service Includes

  • Adopt latest Enterprise Integration techniques and best practices to integrate applications efficiently

  • Rationally decide on enterprise level the best architecture and technology choices for Integration.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Analytics and Intelligence service helps organization to transform raw data into intelligence data. It helps business users at every level to find new, more sophisticated ways to analyze and report on the information mined from their vast data warehouses.

Our Business Intelligence Service Includes

  • Identifying and Profiling data sources.

  • Define, design, and build the Business Intelligence data Model based on business needs and optimized for complex and unpredictable queries.

  • Perform Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) operation on data.

  • Define metrics, attributes as fine grained reports components.

  • Design and build reports, and dashboards.

  • Assess and Advise on selecting ETL and BI tools.

Application Security

Application Security is critical for enterprise organizations to achieve secure, flexible and scalable systems by providing centralized user management, user accounts provisioning and controlling user’s access to enterprise resources

Our Application Security Service Includes

  • Analyze the existing identity management needs, processes, and solutions.

  • Define Application Security from business and technical perspectives.

  • Simplify the management and administration of distributed, overlapping data about users by consolidating it into a single repository.

  • Help in the selection of the right Identity management platform that serves the customers environment.

  • Integration with other enterprise applications to achieve the highest level of standardization and flexibility.

  • Consolidate and streamline the management of user identity, authentication and authorization data.

  • Achieve Application Security and Identity management objectives in terms of consistency, efficiency and scalability.